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Friday, May 21, 2010


Kudos to the Music Teachers in Appleton

At the beautiful year-end choral performance of Appleton East this week, it became obvious that the leaders and teachers in that fine music program aren't just focused on creating a great experience for the audience, but in creating great experiences for their students to grow and succeed. What I saw goes beyond competence and professionalism, also revealing a genuine love for the students and an inspiring desire to help them succeed, not just in a single performance, but in life. Many teachers might be surprised to hear me say that since that's the natural attitude that teachers should have, but it really is an extra-mile thing and one that deserves a lot of respect when we see that kind of leadership in action. Especially when helping a student succeed involves personal risk for the teacher, such as selecting a soloist that might not necessarily be the top performer and may need a lot of extra time and coaching from the teacher. As a parent, it's just awesome to see teachers who really care and help kids to become better people. It's something I've seen not just at Appleton East, but throughout the district. It's easy to recognize in music, where we are blessed with many gifted and caring instructors and leaders, but it's an attitude you'll find in many other areas as well.

Appleton East has been a terrific high school for all four of my sons, but all our area high schools have a lot to offer. But if you can, encourage your kids to get involved in music. There are tremendous experiences and great instructors waiting for them.