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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Know a Horn Player in the Fox Valley? Plan Now for the Horns a Plenty Christmas

Master hornist and horn instructor Don Krause of Neenah is leading another "Horns a Plenty Christmas" this year. If you play the French horn or know someone who does, here is a link to a brochure for those wishing to participate: Horns a Plenty 2010 Application Form.

Here is some info from the brochure:

The Fox Valley Horn Club and its director, Don Krause, host Horns a Plenty Christmas each year on the Saturday before Christmas. Over 80 horn players come together from all over the state of Wisconsin (and some even further) to perform Christmas carols for the Appleton and Fox Valley communities. In conjunction with the event, featured guest artists perform solos and lead master classes for the participants. In addition, Horns a Plenty Christmas offers music scholarships to horn players through attendance fees, book and souvenir sales, and donations. Now you can host your own event!

This year the event will be at the UW Fox Community Arts Center in their new facility--a perfect setting with lots of seating and a stage. The date will be December 18 at 2:00 PM. Free admission! Guest soloist to be determined.


Contact: krause.donald at

Here are some views of a Horns a Plenty event a few years ago with my son Daniel as a performer: