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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Free Choral Performance at Lawrence University Last Night:: One More Reason I Love This Town

Last night my wife and I caught a stunning performance of the combined choral groups and orchestra of Lawrence University. All 20th-century music, selected and conducted by mind who love great music. Deeply touching, powerful, inspiring . . . what an evening. The performance was in beautiful Lawrence Chapel. And it was free. Parking was free, too. We have so many terrific, low-cost performances in this area. Experiencing something similar in a large town would eat through your wallet in a hurry and require a lot more time, traffic, and hassle. Appleton has such a nice mix. Broadway comes to the PAC, but there's always something almost as good for a lot less nearby.
Thanks, Jeff - I was also at this concert and thought it was fabulous!

You might considering adding:
to your sidebar of links to local events - many Lawrence Universty concerts, lectures and art showings are open to the public - and most are free.
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