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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Taste of Thai Lunch Buffet Today: Nice Choice

Taste of Thai on College Avenue has a small but delicious lunch buffet. I was there for a late lunch today with a visitor from Milwaukee who was looking for a quiet place for conversation and good food. We both enjoyed the meal. There were seven main hot items to choose from, including a couple of rich, creamy curries with chicken and beef, a flavorful but light veggie and chicken dish, noodles, and other items. My favorite, though, was probably the unusual hot and sour soup. Unlike the standard Chinese soup that I'm used to, the Taste of Thai version has a light broth that looks like a chicken broth instead of the dark brown stock of Chinese hot and sour. It had some of the same ingredients otherwise, but with a lighter, more delicate flavor. Delicious!

Selection was certainly limited for a buffet, but it was more than adequate for my needs and very pleasing. Service was excellent. The interior is comfortable and quiet. We had a large table, good for taking notes and animated conversation.
I like that place too.
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