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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Best Chinese in the Valley: Confucius!

Recently I wanted to plan a special luncheon for a Chinese diplomat and new friend of mine coming to Appleton from the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. I contacted a Chinese friend in the Fox Valley and got his recommendation: Confucius Chinese Restaurant. I've been there before and enjoyed it, but learned that their capabilities go far beyond what greets the Western eye looking at the menu.

I went there a couple days before the luncheon to see if they could do an authentic ("di dao") Chinese style lunch for us. In fact, they far exceeded my expectations (I think one of my Chinese friends may have called to help plan the food--I'm not sure). They delivered an impressive authentic Chinese meal with many appetizers, amazing seafood soup, and a many main courses that truly wowed my guest and my friends. The diplomat said he cannot find food that good in Chinatown in Washington, D.C. Another friend who lives in China and was in town said he has not found food that good in the city of Suzhou where he works. These were not empty compliments. The quality of the food was striking. Beautifully, skillfully, and deliciously prepared. It was a large, joyous feast. For ten people enjoying this spectacular meal, I was pleased that it only cost about $220 plus tip. I would expect dinner to cost more.

Of course, for more normal dining, ordering off the menu will work great and provide you with an affordable and delicious experience.

Hearty congratulations to the gracious owners and chef of Confucius for providing such masterful Chinese food right here in Appleton! If you need something really special, this is the place to go. Discuss options with the owners ahead of time. You'll be pleased!

Confucius is at 2230 East Northland Avenue, Appleton, WI 54911. Phone (920) 968-1688.

If you think somewhere else can contend for the best Chinese or Asian food in the Valley, let me know. If you're the owner, prepare your best dish and give me a call! I am always willing to consider more data in my quest for the best.