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Thursday, September 24, 2009


History Buff? Check Out the "Appleton History Club 1857"--and Explore the Mystery Around Appleton's First Mayor

I'm impressed with the work of one of the Fox Valley's local historian, Chad Wolf, who has just launched a new website with historical information about Appleton. The site is There is a great collection of links to information sites and photos, and some interesting tidbits such as photographic evidence from 1881 that Appleton's Waverly Masonic Lodge was probably the first Masonic Lodge in the world with electric light. (Chad writes that this "makes sense, since almost every individual involved in the purchase of the hydro-electric patent in Appleton were members of the lodge.")

One of the most intriguing gems in this site is a document providing Chad's original research into an intriguing mystery regarding the first Mayor of Appleton, Amos Story (link is to a Word document). Is it possible that the mysterious Amos Story was actually the former Supreme Court Justice, Judge Joseph Story? If so, this is a remarkable finding and an amazing story. Look at the evidence, then let me know what you think. I would love for this to be true - which makes it difficult to be unbiased. So help me out.

Thanks, Chad, for an important contribution to the Fox Valley!
I have lived in Applton all my life and have been reading the articles by the New History Buff and found it interesting the history of his family and the part they played in Appleton The Fox River Bus Lines which now is Appleton City was owned for 50 years by Olaf and Doris Lundquist and their daughter Gloria McIntyre Kuepper they were the only family owned Bus Company in this area who were business that long and were able to go out with a City take over leaving busses on the street that are still running today so the History Buff and his family are still making history. Thank-You
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