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Monday, September 28, 2009


Views from Octoberfest - Perhaps the Best Ever!

Octoberfest in Appleton on Sept. 26, 2009 may have been the best ever. I can say that the demand for Tiger Paws was higher than ever, and in spite of the thousands that were produced with the highly innovative supply chain and production models of the Tiger Paws fund-raising group (youth groups for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, earning money to help young people go to Scout camp and girls camp), our team could have sold three times as many if we could have increased production that much. There were often long lines waiting patiently for their Tiger Paws treat, a genuine tradition for many Octoberfest fans.

Over 100,000 people crowded the long stretch of College Avenue for what is probably the nation's best and most popular Octoberfest celebration - the biggest of the many classy parties that my little party town enjoys. Here are some photos I took before and after my shift making Tiger Paws. Can you guess which Tiger Paws maker is my son, Mark Lindsay?

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