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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Octoberfest, Sept. 25-26: Another Reason Why Appleton Is a Total Party Town (in a Wholesome Way)

Appleton is a total party town, with fun, wholesome parties all the time. Things like Art in the Park, free music parties downtown on Thursday night in the summer, our giant Farmers Market every summer Saturday morning, our amazing parades, and dozens of other events. The Fox Cities are far more lively and social than others might imagine. There just seems to be a lot of great public events going on all the time - truly a party town in the best way. One of our famous mega-parties is coming up on Saturday, Sept. 25. A party that brings in people from all over the State and even from all over the Midwest. A town of about 80,000 will just about double in size as over 100,000 flock to Appleton's famous Octoberfest. I hope you'll be there, too! Look for me in a fund-raising booth selling the official treat of Octoberfest, Tiger Paws! Those succulent flat donut-like delights sprinkled with 100% trans-fat free (in fact, fat free!) sugar and cinnamon, cooked to perfection in 100% sugar-free hot oil. Mmmm, talk about dietary wisdom!