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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Inspiring Local Business: Mind and Body Products, LLC

An interesting local story of entrepreneurship, innovation, and pro-active health care comes from Appleton resident Mar Bentley, owner and founder of Mind and Body Products. While I've been acquainted with the Bentleys for a while, I didn't realize that Mar had launched a business until I ran into her booth a couple months ago during Appleton's famous Saturday morning farmers market. Even that didn't really perk my interest until I went by in September with my wife and tried out some of their products. I was delighted and impressed to learn that the personal care products they sell (body scrubs, bath salts, facial care products, beauty products, and more - they even have a natural diaper ointment) are made right here in Appleton and are natural and hypoallergenic. The products can be ordered online, purchased at the farmers market or Octoberfest this Saturday, and can be found in a couple of local stores. With luck, they will soon be offered in many other locations.

I inquired further and just learned that their story began with a serious neurological disorder faced by one of their daughters that involved seizures, as mentioned on their "About Us" page. The neurological specialist they went to in Green Bay proclaimed that the disorder was permanent and that the child would face a terribly diminished life with serious learning disorders and other severe disabilities. In addition, she would have to take strong medications with serious side effects that would further harm the quality of her life. The family refused to accept the gloomy decree of the expert and began their own proactive search for answers.

They received assistance from a natural therapist. Suspecting that unhealthy chemical might be playing a role, they changed their lifestyle to reduce artificial chemicals in their diet, and began making their own pure soap out of glycerin. They developed expertise in making a variety of natural products without artificial chemicals, and found that their child began making progress. A number of months later, the "permanent" affliction has been overcome and the gloomy forecast of the medical expert has been completely rebutted. Tonight I met that daughter (and the rest of the family) and found her to be one of the brightest and most charming young people I've met with a limitless future before her. Thank goodness her parents didn't give up!

With all they learned about making natural, healthy products for their use, they decided to make some of their products available for others. Thus, Mind and Body Products, LLC was launched. I hope they do well. If you own a spa or retail store, consider adding these products to your line!

I purchased a couple of their products and like them. I didn't realize that such pleasant products could be formulated without all the usual artificial ingredients I'm used to seeing in personal care products. (I'm a chemical engineer and pay attention to the many chemicals in consumer products. A mind-numbing activity!)

Mar Bentley's Mind and Body Products will be on College Avenue during Octoberfest this Saturday, Her booth will be near the Two Paws Up Bakery next to Avenue Jewelers on the south side of College Avenue (around 300 East College Avenue). Try out some of their salt scrubs, buy some products for your own use and for gifts, and be sure to say that Jeff sent you!

(I have no financial interest in this venture, but I do like the story, the people, and the products.)

Here are photos from the Mind and Body booth at the farmers market. My wife is rinsing her hands in between trying different salt scrubs.

Great work! Love to see local entrepreneurs get out there with a healthy product.
Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Positive thinking
My wife and I have tried their lip balm (similar to chap stick or carmex)with great results.It holds up better than the store brands.It doesn't get waxy feeling after acouple of hours and is all natural and flavored if you desire.They have a mens choice and a ladies choice.And for you hunters out there they have an uncented product also.

Good luck in your business.We need more natural products in this country.

Great work! Love to see local entrepreneurs get out there with a healthy product.
Bath and Body
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