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Monday, August 31, 2009


Thinking About Freedom: Perspectives from an Appleton Parade (Flag Day)

Do you think about freedom? If you do, and I hope you do, I hope you remember the sacrifices of those who won it and preserved it for us. I hope you remember our Founding Fathers and the patriots who gave or risked their lives to oppose oppression and take a wild chance on liberty as a new nation.

I hope you remember our servicemen now serving who are willing to do the same to defend your rights and mine.

I hope you'll also remember those who have fallen or went missing in action. There may even be some still in captivity from past wars - please don't forget them, even though some of our leaders have.

Also remember that there are people of many nations who love freedom. Some have even joined us and sacrifice much to help us fight for freedom. Some of them are now proud US citizens helping us to build our nation here.

I hope you'll think of and join all those who hold up our flag and carry forth its message of freedom.

I hope you'll also remember that there are people in all parties (or perhaps the whole parties themselves) who may seek the power of government for their own ends. The laws they pass and the decrees they utter may not advance the cause of freedom. It's easy to joke about such officials as clowns, but the problem is more serious than that. Vigilance is the price we must pay for liberty.

I hope you'll remember that there are generations still rising and yet to come that need the blessings of freedom. Let's keep America free.

(Photos by Jeff Lindsay taken on June 13, 2009 at Appleton's famous Flag Day Parade.)