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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


That Flaming Hot Christmas Parade - A Buoyant Appleton Tradition

Last night's Christmas Parade was another big success. As a bonus, it was a little warmer than normal. As a double bonus, it was actually toasty warm for me, privileged to watch it with my friends at Weidert Group, the outstanding marketing strategy and communications firm in downtown Appleton, just above the Copper Rock Cafe, offering a delightful second-story of the parade above the crowds and above the chill. What made the parade even hotter still was everyone's favorite float, the flame-spewing heart-and-body warming full-throttle display of Fox Valley Ballooning, the club of hot-air balloon enthusiasts that float all over the state and beyond. They have combined several of their flaming hot-air generators for a real crowd pleaser. (Click to enlarge.)

For additional photos from other Appleton Christmas Parades, see my Appleton blog, my 2005 Christmas parade gallery, and 2005 Christmas parade gallery.