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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Gyros Kabob in Downtown Appleton - Better than Ever!

Took my son to Gyros Kabob in their new digs on College Avenue. Wow - what a classy interior compared to the little dive they were in before. Very nice place. Food seems even better. Delicious gyros and other items. Great place for an inexpensive meal with a Greek touch.

205 W College Ave., Appleton, WI. Phone: (920) 830-9355.

I like the one in downtown Neenah also - but the Appleton location is especially nice, and that's where you'll meet the man behind the kabob, the impeccable and friendly owner.
We, too found our way to this rather fancy place for Gyros.
Beeing from Europe, we had our expectations. The food was great and plenty, but the service was something to think about.
Sitting on one side of the counter, we were told to place our order on the other side at the cash register, as money could not be passed from where we sat to where the register was. So far so good.We placed our order and waited.There was not enough Tzaziki (cucumber sauce) with the order, so we asked to get some more. The associate told us in a very snotty way, that we had to pay an extra .30 cents for that. This time, she took the One Dollar bill and went to the cash register, got the change out and passed it to the side we sat. This time that worked? Before we had to get up...
Even tho the food is great, we don't like their attitude.
Sorry, they can be rude in somebody else's face, We rather eat where a fraction of a ounce of sauce doesn't make a difference and the people are friendly and make one feel welcome.
There's a location in DePere too. Just across from where Monty's Close-Up Magic Room will be opening on New Years Eve.,-88.05336&sspn=0.159483,0.307617&safe=active&ie=UTF8&z=12&iwloc=A
I have ate at Gyros Kabob a couple of times, it is the closest thing to schwermas I can get.

Silvia, yeah, my recollection is the place is staffed by young college student types, they are learning about service and work, patience with them.
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