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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Men's Wearhouse Shines Again

Had to find a couple of suits for my 18-year-old son who will soon be leaving for a two-year mission in Taiwan. Found a good one at Penney's, which is often a surprisingly good choice for low-cost suits. Then we went to my favorite place, the Men's Wearhouse on the west side of the Fox River Mall (separate strip mall). We found just what he wanted on a "2 for $350" sale, so I got a suit, too. John Gunther took care of us. I felt a little guilty because we walked in just moments before closing, but John and the others were totally helpful and told us it was no problem at all and made it very positive. We both found suits we really liked. John urged me to look at one other and I was surprised at how much I liked it. We were both surprised when we checked the price and found it was on some kind of ridiculous sale for $99. We got a better deal at Men's Wearhouse than we did at Penney's, and I often have found excellent bargains there, yet Men's Warehouse somehow has a reputation of selling expensive suits. Well, you can find them, but you can also find great bargains and great service. All their suits are 100% wool. They might make for some low suit prices with higher prices in accessories like shirts and ties. All their shirts are elegant cotton shirts often in the $40-50 range. So tightwad Jeff didn't get any shirts there -- but fellow bargain hunters, I strongly recommend them for suits.