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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Best Lunch in Appleton: Darbar Indian Buffet

Took some people to Darbar Indian today on the west side of Wisconsin Avenue (between Mason and Badger on the south side of the road, next to Mr. Cinder's). Amazing! I've been there for dinner a couple of times and love the place, but the buffer really shines as far as lunch options go. Very large number of dishes to choose from, and they were fabulous. The chili chicken was amazing, and the chicken makhani, a favorite of many people, was superb. Very nice mix of chicken and vegetarian dishes, delightful mango ice cream, fresh naan bread, and a variety of richly flavored dishes that will make you want to come back. Service is also very professional and helpful.

As of today, Indian Danbar is my vote for the best lunch in Appleton. Will that title last? We have so many great restaurants in town, but Indian Darbar is soooo good - is there a better place? I'm accepting nominations - and guest passes (why not?).
Hey--Is galvans mexican or greeK
It has gyros and a couple other Greek items, but I'd sau it's mostly American.
Well where is the family from? A bunch of them have accents. I was just very curious about it--I like the restaurant!
Oh man Jeff - Really this place sucks - come on it ain't Madison.
Appletons other local indian is about 50 times better.

Really come on. The waitstaff is ok He is the only guy right? - and the kitchen imports from woodmans (I was there when they brought the produce in - IN BAGS) OH MAN. These guys must support some kinda mission?
I have to second Jeff's comment about Darbar. If you like spicy Indian food, or if you are a vegetarian, then Darbar's lunch buffet is a better choice. The price is higher, but the food is definitely better. We have not gone to Sim Ram's (except to use their coupon from Entertainment book) for a couple years after Darbar's open.
I finally had the lunch buffet and I was very disappointed. all the food seemed barely lukewarm, like it had been prepared the night before and then stuck under weak heatlamps. most of the food wasn't labeled. my friend asked the waiter and he just said it's all vegetarian and walked away. she thought he meant the whole buffet, but that couldn't be right as some was chicken. I guess he was talking about the fried vegetables, but I wish he had told at least told us what each of these were. it was hard to even guess after you ate it! the food was not spicy enough, except for one chutney/dip thing which was very, very, very spicy.
This place is horrible man c'mon sai ram is much better.
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