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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Latest Restaurant Visits: Ground Round, Dong Po, Taste of Thai

Updates on three restaurants:

Dong Po, the Chinese restaurant at Richmond and College Avenue that used to be Chef Chu's, continues the excellent tradition of high-quality Chinese food at that location. The chef is outstanding. Excellent, savory sauces, very tender meat, with a large menu. I took my family there and we were quite impressed with each of three dishes we tried. I had Sacha Beef - first time I tried it. Very tender, nice veggies with the thin beef in a flavorful sauce. We also had dishes with seafood and chicken that were very impressive also. Large, succulent shrimp, very tender chicken (not easy to do). Our waiter was extremely friendly and attentive, originally from Fuzhou, China.

Dong Po: with a name like that, you know it's got to be authentic, right? I mean, no American would make up a name like that with such awkward possibilities, so you know we're dealing with real Chinese food. And tasty!

Ground Round has a surprisingly large menu. The name makes one think of steaks, but the menu has sections for pasta, Mexican food, sandwhiches, and more. I tried a chicken linguine that was terrific. And the flatbread on the side was perfect. Great place for lunch or dinner. Relatively inexpensive. In Neenah, at the Bridgewood Resort.

Went to Taste of Thai with a friend for lunch. Very small selection - I think only six real dishes to choose from, no salad bar or deserts other than some cheap chocolate-filled tubes. The dishes were good, but not sure I'd go out of my way to go there again.
Well...actually, Taste of Thai is the most authentic Thai food in the Valley. Although no Thai place around here has native Thai cooks (ToT=Laos, Cy=Laos+Mexican, Lemmongrass=American)...Taste of Thai is BY FAR the more 'real' experience of food from this country. Some of the dishes can be tricky, tho...especially if you're expecting the Thai version, but then, get the 'Laos' version, instead (like the som tom, for example). For sure, it helps to know what to order. All in all, considering price, quality, variety, and authentic taste...Taste of Thai is the only Thai place we'll ever consider going out to (and my wife is 100% Thai).
It is fair to add that we have not been there for the quick in-and-out lunch.
My wife and I like Taste of Thai. We went for lunch once and I was very disappointed with the selection, but dinner is a different story. Service is always pretty good.
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