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Friday, August 22, 2008


Good Company: Still Good, Maybe Not Great

Just took my family to Good Company, the popular, lively, and long-time-standing restaurant on the corner of Richmond Street and College Avenue. The menu used to be huge, now it's just large, with an emphasis on Italian and Mexican cuisine. Dishes are reasonably priced and generally good. While I've had negative reports about the Mexican dishes, the Italian food tends to be very popular, especially the lasagna. I recently tried the linguine alfredo and found it bland, as were some other pasta dishes, though still OK. Many people love the place. It has great old-stlye ambiance, with some amazing photos of movie and TV stars from 40+ years ago, along with other relics of the previous century or beyond. Worth a visit just to see and enjoy the interior, but enjoy the food also!
In Sept. of 2008, I met up with some family members and had suggested we dine at Good Company since I had heard it was supposed to be a fun atmosphere and a great place to eat. Boy, had I felt awful to have suggested such a place. The servers were rude, dragging tables across the floors and bumping into our table without appologizing. The food was alright, but not like I had expected it to be. I ordered an Aussie sirloin medrare and was no way near that! It was sent back twice and still wasnt done right. My husband had gone to the bar to get us some drinks because of the lack of service we were receiving from our server. He came back to the table shortly after mentioning the bartender was friendly but was taking shots while on duty. I had asked to talk to a manager about our service and had noticed she too, Abby, had the smell of alcohol on her breath. Not so professional now are we!! I was disgusted by the whole experience as the rest of my family was too. We will never be going back to this place and am ashamed it was voted one of the top restaurants to eat at!!!
I just have to say that my parents met while working at Good Company in 1978! Back then it was known as Baxters...ah, the glory days!!
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