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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Best Pies: Bakers Square

Recently after a tough night of finding a couple of suits for my son before his two-year trip to Taiwan, I suggested we cap the evening off with a trip to nearby Bakers Square. Our waitress was very kind and helpful. We ordered a variety of pie slices, and she went the extra mile to customize our order (she knew my wife and I were sharing a slice with a scoop of ice cream, so she split the slice on different plates and put some ice cream on each -- didn't have to ask for that). And wow, what pies! The berry pie I had is about as good as they get. My youngest son had the key lime pie, and it was also about as good as they get -- and I'm a big fan of key lime. My third-youngest son, the one who got the suits, choose a peanut butter cup pie, which he said was great, but he felt the other two choices were better.

I'm a big fan of pies, and don't think I've found a more reliable source for good pies than Bakers Square. They also offer a lot of other good food on their menu, and you can buy whole pies to take out. I think the cost for all of us (3 slices and 1 scoop of ice cream) was about $15.
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I'm glad you tried Baker's Square. We've been to their restaurants from Chicago to Santa Cruz, CA, and while service was lacking at a couple of locations, we've never had bad food - and have never had a bad piece of pie! I'm sure you'll have a favorite, which makes it difficult to try them all, but - try them anyway. They're all really good!
Best of luck to your son and his missions trip! That sounds incredibly exciting! And thanks - as always - for the useful Appleton info!
And now Baker's Square is gone. :-(
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