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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Where to Go for Steak?

Where do you go when you want great steaks? I previously mentioned Grillin' as a great place if you like cooking your own steaks. Lombardi's has some great steaks, so does George's. Several places do - but honestly, the best ones are what I grill myself after visiting Cedar Creek Meat Market {920-734-8792)and getting some Porterhouse steaks or top sirloin steaks. I marinate them for about 10-15 minutes in soy sauce plus a little steak sauce and balsamic vinegar with a lot of spices - basil, garlic, pepper, ground bay, etc. - and then grill to medium rare on an archaic barbecue grill.
How about "Where to go for fish?"

I'm looking for things like makerel, cod roe, etc. (basically things that you find at the seafood section of a grocery store in Japan that is not sold at ordinary grocery stores here in the Fox Valley) that I can cook at home.

Also, sliced pork belly (unsmoked raw bacon) would be nice, too !
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