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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Grillin - The Surest Way to Get a Perfect Steak, Especially on a Friday Night

Last Friday night my wife and I were treated to PERFECT steaks cooked exactly our way because we did the cooking at Grillin', a fun restaurant where you pick your own steak and then grill it on a large, hot grill. Grillin Steak House and Lounge is at N19 Stoney Brook Rood in Appleton (nearly in Kimberly), but it's essentially on Eisenhower Road just about one block south of Kohl's. Phone (920) 733-5077.

We were there on a Friday night. For some reason, Saturday is the super busy night for this place, but on Friday you'll probably get immediate seating. In this area, early Friday is the busiest time for most places, and it's easy to wait 45 minutes or longer at many restaurants. But we were seated immediately just before 7 pm and were soon selecting our own beautiful steaks and grilling them. Melted butter is available to brush on the steaks, and there are several seasoning mixtures you can apply. I actually got good results using the seafood seasoning on my steak. It was perfectly cooked, too!

The grill has a large air hood over it with powerful fans that make for a bit of background noise, but not too bad.

I would caution you that if you are cooking toast, the molten butter and brushes used for bread look a lot like the ones for steak, except the butter brushes for bread have a little blue added to the handles while the other ones have some red. But the problem is that some people can go up and start brushing butter on their steak with the bread brush before they learn that it's not for steak, and then they'll put that brush back in the large vat of butter for bread. So if you brush butter on your bread, cook it long enough to kill any bacteria that might have been picked up by the occasional customer who didn't know better and brushed a steak with the bread brush.

Grilling has a fresh, modest salad bar that is included with your steak or seafood. The steaks are $19. Seafood for self-grilling is in that range as well. Other dishes are available.

Fun place, good food, and a real gem when you need to find a good steak on a Friday night.
I've been by this place when taking my son to Soccer Heaven. It sounds alot like Primequarter, which used to be a favorite place until it closed.

Thanks for the review. I will be checking this place out soon.
I went for my birthday and was very disappointed. We tried the happy hour thing. They advertise food specials for each night of the week but don't follow what is advertised. We went for the Tues. wings but no wings. Instead, Salsa and chips with 1 small tray of cream cheese roll ups (no refill) I was very embarassed that I had suggested it to my friends. We routinely meet for wings, some were from out of town and I thought trying a new place would be nice. We dropped over $100.00 for 6 people but appartently the bartender felt the dining room patrons deserved more attention. We were the only ones in the bar. More money could have been made at the bar had she noticed our glasses were empty. As we were leaving, I did complain. They offered me a free drink coupon but no thanks, I will never return. My family had also encountered a bad expierence with a group of 30 they were seated late and then encouraged to finish up and leave the table so they could turn it for another group behind them. I hear it's for sale. hummm....
I've had two bad experiences here as well. (I always give the benefit of the doubt and allow a second chance).
On both occasions - about a year apart - the salad bar was nearly empty and members of my group waited up to 15 minutes for lettuce. The restaurant was not busy, so no excuses!
On the second occasion, there were few steaks to choose from and they were completely out of one of them. (again - not a busy night).
One member of our group chose to have their steak grilled for them and it arrived 10 minutes after the rest of us were done eating - and it was minus the shrimp that was ordered with it.
A friend visited Grillin' in the past week and had an experience with their "steak Bite" appetizers tasting on the verge of being spoiled. (must not have run out of that kind of steak the night before!)
Grillin is a terrible restaurant. I have been there three times and each time was a HORRIBLE experience. The wait staff was slow and seemed clueless. The salad was almost completely empty and the lettuce was brown on two of the occasions. The steaks I cooked on two occasions were cooked well, but that is because I was cooking them. The last time the owner cooked my steak and I wanted it medium but turned up well done and extremely late. I complained but the owner was a complete A--hole about it. He has no clue about customer service. The drinks are way to expensive and lack any bite (alcohol). DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTUARANT. I have defintely given up. Why is there such good reviews of this place?
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