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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Kudos to McCain Foods for Kindness to an Employee

A sweet friend of ours from Taiwan recently broke her foot. Since her job at McCain foods requires her to stand and walk a lot in the production of frozen foods, she was worried about how she would get by without being paid during her convalescence, and also wondered if the company would just fire her and get a replacement. She was glowing with good news when we saw her again: not only are they keeping her, they are continuing to pay her while she recovers. While this may have been standard policy, she sure didn't take it for granted and was thrilled to learn that she wouldn't be abandoned. Many white collar and union employees take this kind of treatment for granted, but for those with much lower wages out on the manufacturing floor, life can be much more tenuous. Anyway, I'm glad McCain treated her so well. Kudos!
McCain is a superb place to work for being a new employee myself, it doesn't suprise me how kind they were to this particular employee. Kudos definately to McCain for being such a great establishment!
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