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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Looking for the Best Sandwich in Appleton? Try the Live Oak Market

The Live Oak Market in downtown Appleton (119 E. College Avenue) wins my award for the best sandwich in Appleton. This small upscale market and deli offers a spectacular array of unique sandwiches made with high quality Boar's Head brand meats and rich Breadsmith breads. I tried "the Appletonian" sandwich which truly lives up to its name. This hot sandwich features Tender Boar's Head tavern ham, a thick slab of wonderfully carmelized onions and some carmelized apple slices, a little lettuce, and melted cheddar and Gruyere cheeses between hearty peasant bread. My son tried the Chicago Blues sandwich which had tender steak and melted blue cheese, with grilled vegetables in a baguette-style bun. Very good, but we both preferred the Appletonian.

If their menu of elegant sandwiches doesn't have what you want, you can construct your own sandwich using a large list of ingredients they have. That seemed to be a popular route with many of the patrons we saw come in.

Wraps and soups are also available. We tried the tomato basil and noted that this thick and fresh tasting soup had much more tomato than most related soups and no detectable flour to thicken it. Very nice.

The shop only has seating for about 10 people. Most people take out their food. But it has a great view of College Avenue if you do choose to eat there.

They have a nice selection of deli meats and cheeses, with a variety of upscale items such as pasta, sauces, seasonings, and some non-food items.

Live Oak has been there for almost one year. I think their one-year anniversary is in two or three weeks. Nice addition to Appleton!

Phone: (920) 882-6737.
Awesome place!
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