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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Fox Cities: A Key Source of Healthy Sprouts

While Wisconsin is famous for a variety of agricultural products, many people don't know that one of our agricultural gems right here in the Fox Cities is sprouts, such as bean, broccoli, and radish sprouts. Sunrise Farms of Neenah is a major supplier of sprouts in this part of the country. Many of the sprouts used in the finest restaurants of Wisconsin come from Sunrise Farms, as do many of the sprouts sold at grocery stores. Sunrise Farms was founded by Frank Crikelair 30 years ago, truly ahead of his time, and has developed many advanced and innovative techniques to serve the highest quality products. 100% of the sprout batches from Sunrise Farms, for example, are tested for safety, and they have extremely advanced quality control systems and techniques that greatly enhance shelf life and maintain high quality. A very impressive operation.

Next time you're out shopping, be sure to pick up one of several healthy and nutritious varieties of sprouts from Sunrise Farms. I especially enjoy the broccoli sprouts, which not only taste great, but have high concentrations of cancer-preventing compounds. Kudos to Frank and the staff at Sunrise Farms for a world-class operation!

For those who have heard allegations about some sprouts being toxic, a helpful article is "Natural Toxins in Sprouted Seeds: Spearating Myth from Reality."
Thanks for the link. I've been trying to find good Wisconsin farms for awhile. Another great source of information is

A list of farms in Wisconsin offering grass-fed meat, dairy, etc. is found here:
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