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Friday, January 04, 2008


Hello Taste of the Windy City, Goodbye Great American Soup Compny

If you're craving Chicago-style hot dogs, I've good good news: Taste of the Windy City, a new restaurant in the north part of town, has just the thing. This new restaurant, replaces the defunct Great American Soup Company (I'll miss their soups!) at 1800 Freedom Road in Little Chute, which looks like it's sitting on Richmond Road (Hwy 47) just south of Highway 41. Phone (920) 735-2700.

I'm not a hot dog fan, but their Chicago-style hot dog (Vienna beef, tangy toppings, no ketchup) was outstanding. I'll try it again. Others in my family tried regular and chicken gyros, as well as a mushroom Swiss burger. All were good, though the burger could have used more sauce. Against my normal compunctions against deep-fried food, I allowed my boys to try deep-fried mushrooms and jalapeno poppers, and they were quite good (after separating the deep-fried coating from the delectable mushroom inside, of course).

I fed five people for $30. The hot dog was $2.89. Not the cheapest hot dog in town, but maybe the best. Frankly, my kids were amazed that I even tried one because I almost never eat hot dogs and typically prefer more vegetarian fare - but I dare to make exceptions for the Vienna 100% beef brand.
1910 Sausage Company in Downtown Appleton has a pretty darn good Chicago dog as well, plus I'm also fond of the Pizza Dog with marinara and mozzarela.
I still really miss the Great American Soup Company.
Food is great, but when you guys answer your telephones, you really should identify which location you are (Hello, this is the Appleton Taste of the Windy City or Hello, this is the Little Chute ...). I thought I was calling the Appleton location & placed an order & went to pick it up only to find is was at the Little Chute location.
FYI - The phone number for the one on Richmond Street (north side of Appleton) is 735-2700.
Thanks - I corrected the phone number.
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