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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Additional Pizza Places to Consider

I've had a chance to try a few additional restaurants in the area recently. Here are some thoughts on pizza:

Boston's Gourmet Pizza: Outstanding! True gourmet pizzas with high quality ingredients and carefully crafted flavors. I had a Florentine pizza with rich, bold flavors (artichoke heart, relatively moist sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and basil) and a wonderful crust (relatively thick). A genuine treat. Bread sticks were great - not too greasy. They also offer salads, pasta, burgers, and other dishes. Nice decor, good service. Pleasant atmosphere, good for a business lunch or family outing. 3470 W. College Ave. Phone: (920) 882-3777.

Cranky Pat's Pizza - from one of the partners that first popularized pizza in the Fox Valley in the 1950s with Frank's Pizza Palace. As with Frank's, they specialize in oven-fired, thin-crust pizza with great toppings and plenty of flavor (see menu). Very high flavor to calorie ratio! I've normally shied away from thin crust pizza, but Cranky Pat's reminded me of what it can be. Who needs lots of crust when the sauce and toppings taste so great? They are at 905 S. Commercial St. in Neenah. They've been there a long time and the place could use some refurbishing, so don't expect elegance. But it's a fun and tasty place. I tried the lunch buffer ($7.60). The salad bar was meager but adequate. The pizza is what it was all about. Not my favorite pizza place, but worth considering if you enjoy thin crust. Phone: (920) 725-2662.