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Monday, December 17, 2007


Russian Delights

The day after I returned from an amazing trip to Russia, I ran over to Appleton's local outlet of Russian foods, Russian Delights at 2171 W. Wisconsin Avenue, almost next to the Flowerama shop. Nice selection of Russian specialties. I bought some borscht, some pickles and pickled cabbage, some Russian dumplings, some more chocolate (but they don't carry the topline brands like A. Korkunov), and other items. The owner is very friendly. Fun place.

Appleton has a sister city in Russia, Kurgan. I understand a delegation from Kurgan will be here again in March with some technical folks. Hope to meet them! I really enjoyed the many Russian people I met in Moscow recently. Many fabulous scientists are there.

Seems to be a lot of interest in Russia in this community, based on how popular Russian language materials are in Fox Valley libraries.
The owners used to have a Farmer's Market concession next to ours summer of '06. Nice couple, I have bought beer from their store but same old story its been told before – stale beer.
They make a variety of fresh salad. I like their Russian salad the best. They don't usually sell it in store, you have to ask for it. The owner will make to your order and contact you when it is ready for you to pick up.

I have also bought some Russian dumplings from that store. It tastes like Chinese dumplings and Polish perogies. Very tasty.
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