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Sunday, December 02, 2007


YouTube Video from Appleton: A Little Snow, But Not That Cold

Are you worried that Appleton is always bitter cold and frozen? Chill out! The climate is often quite pleasant and quite manageable, as I explain in this video. It was recorded a little earlier in 2007 by a friend as we were driving to a business lunch.

I once came up to appleton to visit a friend during spring break. Being a florida girl and being spring break, i only packed shorts,tanks, swimsuit, and flip-flops. When i got off the plane there was snow everywhere! what did i get myself into!

I caught SARS (j/k)for most of the week i was there and my health improved the minute i got back to florida!

your video was a cute reminder of that nonchalant trip i had to appleton!
It's all a big lie! Appleton is warmer than Florida. No snow, NONE! Come here in your shorts.
My wife is formerly from Appleton. I've been there 3 times, once in late October and it was very cold to me, and it was snowing. I'm from Oregon. I just checked the temperature for Appleton and as of 11:45 it is 8.6 degrees F. Now that's arctic cold.
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