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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Best Indian Restaurant in the Area: Indian Darbar

Indian Darbar Restaurant, a relatively new place in Appleton, is my choice for the best Indian food in the region. While there isn't a lot of competition for that honor, Indian Darbar is really outstanding. This is an extension of the Indian Darbar restaurant in Madison, with the same menu. I took my wife and a son there and we were impressed with everything we tried. When they brought us the crisp Indian bread, papadum, I knew right away that we were dealing with exceptional quality in the food. It had a perfect texture with just the right touch of garlic and spice.

Although there were three of us, were ordered the non-vegetarian dinner for two and shared. Priced at $31 for two people, it was plenty of food for three (well, our goal was not to overload our bodies with food, as is the custom in some local restaurants, so if you're really really hungry, order some additional dishes). It came with fish pakora (fried fish - light and flavorful, nicely spiced), chicken tikka marsala (a creamy red curry dish my wife loves to make - the restaurant's version was almost as good as hers), lamb jalfrazie (hearty, delicious, tender lamb), dal makhni, rice and nan. We tried three soups also, all very good. The rasam soup I had was rich in flavor and had a pleasant texture - a sour and spicy soup. My son had coconut soup and it was OK but not especially exotic. My wife tried mulligawarny, a delicious lentil and vegetable soup.

We also noticed that the mango lassee drinks were richer and fresher in flavor than many we've had.

The service was outstanding. Out waiter was as professional, helpful, and knowledgeable as you could want and contributed to a very pleasant evening.

With the soups and mango lassees, the cost was about $16 per person plus tax and tip, right in the mid-range of Appleton area restaurants and surprisingly low for the fine quality.

India Darbar Restaurant is definitely a winner.
Where is it located please?
You forgot that info.
In Appleton, on W. Wisconsin Ave, next to Cinder's.

We also like their lunch buffet. It is very different - spicier and more vegetarian dishes. I do agree that their mango lasse is richer than usual.
I met the owner some months ago he is a cook at Maharajah next to his Madison place.

Does the service ask for a spice level yet? When my wife and I dined there we had a couple of problems. The first was the mango lassee was extremely concentrated, my wife kept having to pour water in it and eventually she was able to get it correct.

They also never asked what kind of spice level I wanted and as a result got a very tepid dish. I asked the waiter about this and he got all worked up thinking I thought it was too spicey. I prefer my Indian food at Indian spice levels.

Other than those two points I thought it was good, but it is indistinguishable from Sai Ram.
they have a website at it has a map and a takeout menu.
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