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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Springz Closes!

After my previous post on Springz, I'm sad to announce that it closed its doors this week. Tough business model to pursue!

Likewise, as many of you know, Area 51 has closed. The indoor skateboard and bicycling stunt area just didn't have enough cash flow to keep going. Again, it's a tough business model. There are free outdoor parks in the summer, and the kids who want to use the facility in winter have limited cash and many other ways to spend it.
This is a real hard market. I read in the paper the owners put 7 million into that

I saw that Los Compadres has purchased the old Frier Tucks/JukeBox Johnnys building and will be opening soon. THe restraunt/entertainment business can be really brutal.
Here's the link to the article about Springz in the paper.
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