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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


An Appleton Paradigm:
News = Sports News = Packers News

Just glancing through tonight's Post-Crescent newspaper, I am intrigued with how many color photographs deal with the Green Bay Packers. The front page has two photographs of Packers personnel and two photographs of locals commenting on the Packers, all in color. The headline is "Packers move on without Sherman." The story continues on page A7 with another color photo of Brett Favre and Mike Sherman, with eight small photos of local fans offering further comments about the firing of Sherman. The last page of the main section, page A8, 3 more stories about Sherman and the Packers with two more color photographs (and nothing else but a few ads).

Then we have the sports section itself, section D, with the lead headline "Packers begin the search" with a large color photograph of - surprise - Brett Favre and Coach Sherman, with two Packers stories on either side. Page D2 has another color photograph of Sherman and more info on the Packers and NFL coaches. Page D5 has another color photograph, this time of Packers safety Nick Collins to add a little variety. About 75% of the page is split between three Packers-related stories (two continuing from page D1).

Then we have the classified ads, dominated with items like, "White male coach seeks relationship with winning team." OK, maybe I read that wrong. But you get my drift.

Oh, right - I also think there was something in there about some war or election or something in a foreign nation, something about a coal mine, and a couple stories about other sports besides professional football (there are other sports??).