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Monday, January 02, 2006


Restaurant Review: Fusion

2010 update: This restaurant has been closed. Too bad. End of update.

I recently went to Fusion with a friend of mine for lunch. This relatively new restaurant at 527 W. College Avenue is contemporary, trendy, and delicious. It's been there since July '05, but somehow I didn't notice. I was impressed right away with the bold decor and intrigued by the large front window that opens up like a garage door in summer (in winter, though, it can be a bit draft right next to it). More impressive was the attention to detail in the food. Sophisticated "fusion" describes the culinary approach. We enjoyed a unique shrimp appetizer and creative, satisfying paninis. Mine emphasized portobello mushrooms - a real treat. We tried desserts also. I had the best version of creme brullee I can remember, and my friend had one of the best ice cream cakes either of us ever tasted. The homemade ice creams were bold and richly crafted, far superior to what I'm used to.

The service was excellent - friendly, courteous, and pleasant.

My younger friend noted that the interesting interior decor and music would make it a great place to go on prom night. He plans to go back. (As for the music, it was modern, upbeat, like the bold red decor, and not too loud - conversation was easy.)

It was a little more expensive than typical menus, at least for lunch, but I definitely plan to take my wife there for dinner sometime soon. For dinner there is a fine selection of seafood and other dishes available. Overall, a great addition to Appleton's dining portfolio.
My wife and I also enjoyed dining at Fusion. We went ourt for Halloween evening and all the wait staff was dressed in costume, nice touch. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere very much. The tables and lighting effects made the place unique.
Great appetizers, too!
I stumbled across your blog and saw this post. Just FYI - I designed the Fusion logo. : )

Keep up the good work on your Appleton Blog.
Bill, thanks! The logo is really cool. Nice work!
xveitwhaWent to Fusion this past Autumn..was very disappointed. High priced and not that good; service average and ambiance got "lost" in the noise. It sounds like a lot of people in a barn.
WOuld not go back...
Am looking for a place I can talk with the people I am eating with..
We went to FUSION this past Saturday and while the atmosphere is really great, we were completely disappointed in the food! I had scallops, which were burned and shriveled. My dining companion had the pork loin, which was cold...not room temp...COLD! We will never go back again!
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