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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Things Learned at a Retirement Party in Appleton

Tonight I attended a surprise retirement party for one of my favorite Kimberly-Clark people, Ivan Schrodt, the man who hired me into K-C 12 years ago and who has often served as a mentor. The party was held at Bergstrom Chevrolet in Appleton. So many interesting people were present. For example, I spoke with Bernie Kressner, an old friend, and learned about his work since his own retirement in advancing the Orthodox faith. He runs the Nativity of the Mother of God Orthodox Mission at 525 N. Bateman Street, where he has a marvelous small orthodox chapel in his backyard. It's beautiful, and I hope to have photos soon. He runs Saturday vesper services at 6:00 PM, and several other services during the week. Contact him at nmgom at I'm not Orthodox, but plan to take my family to one of his services (will be my second time).

From Wendell Landin I learned that the White Heron Chorale is doing well and sold out one of its recent CDs. Their next performance is March 18. I hope to be there!

I talked with Salman Aziz and learned that there are now two Muslim mosques in the area, and that the Muslim community is doing well. Thanks to all those in the Fox Cities area that have shown religious tolerance and respect for this faith - in a time when intolerance and suspicion can be too easy.

One of my most interesting conversations came from two retirement consultants that have received national publicity for their outstanding work. I'll report that news a little later.

Many more stories and great conversations were fruits of this fine party. Thanks to all who made it possible, and a big thank you to Ivan Schrodt for an outstanding career at Kimberly-Clark.
the guy that runs that mission is creepy bigot and has no personality. if you want to anti-roman catholic retoric, hate speech against other religions and christian faiths, and conspiracy theories paranoid rants about how all non-orthodox are bound for the lake of fire then enjoy and go to that mission their priest is a convert lunatic also, stay away from convert priests, they are typically insane. those two give orthodoxy a bad name like all parishes run by converts.
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