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Friday, April 07, 2006


Dog Parks?

I received email asking if the area had a dog park. Yes, Appleton has an official dog park. It's the Outagamie Pet Exercise Area at the corner of Highway OO (Northland Avenue) and French Road in the northeast corner of Appleton. Open daily from 7am to sunset. It's part of the Outagamie County park system. Call (920) 832-4790 for more information.

I see lots of people (and pets) using it. It's a pretty area with plenty of trees and fence posts. If only they would add a few fire hydrants, it would be perfect.
Why can you not find the opening dates at all on any website for the dog park? You can find hours, but nothing about dates. This is frustrating.
I called the number listed, and got a recording that said the park will open once the grass begins to grow, "possibly late April or early May"
they typically open this dog park in the end of april or early may. they wait for a constant warm weather and the ground to thaw and dry. this is to avoid a muddy mess or torn up turf. if you need a park before this one opens you can continue down "oo" towards kauakuna to their dog park. not as big or nice and not as many dogs but still a good exercise. i suggest not letting them in the water though. ever hear of swimmers itch? this is bacteria caused my bird droppings and that swampy water is full of birds! you do the math. if nothing else its gross at the least. i'd take them to the lake first.
The Outagamie County Dog Park is usually opened the 3rd week end in April...or so it has been for the past 3 years. This is a great place for you and your dog(s) to socialize and get some exercise. Dogs must be licensed and rabies vaccinated, must wear ID tags and you must carry a leash and poop bags. Save your bags from home, bring them and put in the gray this way there will always be bags available "for those who forget!!!" It is a collective effort to keep OUR park clean.
This Park "outshines" the Kaukauna Park and the Oshkosh Park. There is a wooded 5-6+ acre natural wooded area with trails, hills and a 4-5 acre open field area and a small dog area of approx.2 acres.
This is a place for dogs and adults to is not a Park for children or picnics!
Just called the Outagamie Co. Pet Exercise area and was told it is not open now but should open about mid April depending on the wetness conditions. 3/26/2010
What about swimming? Are there any good areas to take your dog swimming?
Kaukauna dog park has a pond in it. I would be careful as I know some dogs have come back with eye infections after being in it in mid summer with all the algae, but otherwise good.

Also - just to note - Outagamie Dog Park in Appleton now has a "winter park" section so you can take your pet there year round! They have their own association now that raises funds to improve the dog parks since so many use them now.
It's a real shame that the city of Appleton will not allow pets on leashes in some of the other parks. Hats of to Fox Valley Tec. for having a dog friendly trail with a station for poop bags and a place to dispose of the waste.
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