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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Appleton's Best Ice Cream Joint? Goosebumps Has My Vote!

As a child, I always loved the occasional trip to Baskin Robbins. There's still one left in the Valley (2436 W College Ave. - hard to find!), but I worry that business has become slow. They've got fine ice cream, but there's a newer place that has just earned my recommendation for best ice cream joint in the Valley: Goosebumps Ice Cream and Italian Ice at 320 South Kensington Drive, Appleton, near Menards. From College Avenue, take Kensington south as if you were going to Menards and immediately turn right on the access road, and you'll see Goosebumps next door to Subway and just west of Taco Bell.

I took my family to Goosebumps tonight and was impressed with the super-premium quality ice cream (the highest grade with the lowest amount of air) and Italian ices that are shipped in from New York. These are specialty treats to be proud of. They have an impressive variety of flavors and a wide selection of hand-dipped waffle cones featuring chocolate combined with other goodies like crushed Snickers bars, for example. I tried the Almond Joy ice cream and also the Cherries and Cream ice (an ice with some cream - smooth and tangy!). We also took home the popular Mango Ice that I tried later tonight - great flavor and texture.

I spoke with the owner, Mark Beilfuss, and learned a few things about their impressive operation. Goosebumps has an exciting business model that Mark wishes to expand as a franchise. It's been in operation for 3 years, with Mark just recently purchasing the business from the people that masterminded the operation and worked out numerous details.

Great ice cream, ices, cakes and smoothies in a pleasant shop. Goosebumps has my vote for the dessert place and ice cream joint of choice. Give it a try, and tell them Jeff sent you.
I know the owners they are awesome
I know the owners they are awesome
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