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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Voters Reject Weakening the Smoking Ban

In Tuesday's election, Appleton voters said no to the referendum for a softening of the smoking ban. Restaurants, bars, and other business will remain smoke free - though I think we'll continue to see a few "smoke easies" in town. 57% of Appletonians voting rejected proposed changes in the smoking ban. Voter turnout was heavy, as reported by the Post-Crescent, with over 20,000 voters going to the polls (there were 11,559 no votes versus 8,674 yes). Unlike some other parts of the state, Appleton always has a voter turnout that is less than the total number of registered voters and certainly less than the total number of residents, even during Presidential elections - something we're proud of. We're also proud to report that the number of recorded votes is not substantially greater than the number of recorded voters - take that, Milwaukee!

Bar and restaurant owners are fuming over the smoking prohibition. They are so upset about it that they will seek to have it implemented across the state. That sounds funny at first, but it makes sense. Appleton's smoking ban puts them at a disadvantage relative to other communities. Well, why not even the playing field and impose the same smoking ban all over the state? Of course, then businesses near state borders will be at a disadvantage relative to other states, so we'll then need to go national. And then we'll see bar and restaurant business going to smoke-friendly Mexico and Canada, so an international effort will be needed to crack down on smoking - and soon or later we're going to have to invade some country on the other side of the world that doesn't cooperate with United Nations anti-smoking resolutions. Tobacco, you see, is a weapon of mass destruction. . . .
As someone who is moving to Appleton soon, I was very glad to see this. I should have the right to patronize any business without being poisoned by cigarette smoke. It's nice to see that Appleton is slightly ahead of the curve in this case.
your words poisoned my mind. Can I have them outlawed if I whine enough about the children?
I am a non-smoker and I hate the smell of cigarettes.
The way the old lady went about getting the smoking ban is all wrong.
If she doesn’t go to the bar, than mind your own business, if you go to a bar or a place to eat, ask the owner of that place to go Smoke Free.
What happen is they probably laughed in her face and the only thing to do is to make everybody suffer.
I don’t go to Appleton Bars because I live too far away, but there is a small bar up in Pella Wisconsin that is smoke free…they have been since they opened about 2 years ago.
They are still in business and they are the third bar in that small city.
No local government telling them what to do, they did it themselves.
Now, the bar owners are saying that some of them are gonna go out of business because of this…. Madison Wisconsin is also smoke free for quite a few years, how many of them have gone out of business?
What actually needs to be done, is that the bar owners have to ‘work’ to get their money by offering something to draw people….
I don’t agree with the smoking ban, but after being defeated the second time, bar owners have to do something different, the people who go to your bars apparently didn’t want to help you out, if they did, they would have voted!
So Bar owners, drive to Pella Wisconsin and find out what this little, smalltown bar does to stay in business…. You’ll probably be surprised!
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