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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Appleton is Proud of Our Northern Suburb: Congratulations to Green Bay and the Indomitable Packers!

Appleton has been in the news a lot this week--or rather, it's northernmost suburb, Green Bay. We're very proud of that part of our community. :)

Actually, it's wonderful living in the tall shadow of Green Bay, just a few miles to the north and a little bigger than Appleton. The Packers make all of us incredibly proud (almost all of us: there is the exception of a local Bears fan apparently still in hiding, last spotted staggering on College Avenue after the bars closed).

The Packers and the whole network of folks who support them and help them are a real class act. It's nice to see class rise to the top like it did this week in Dallas. Go Packer!
Green Bay is hardly a suburb of Appleton. We have almost 30,000 more people up here.
Hush! Now the truth is out. ;)

Well, large suburb or not, we're still proud of Green Bay.
And especially proud of their Packers. Our Packers, too, of course.
:) I figured I had to comment a bit being a proud Green Bay resident. I think the whole state is pretty darn proud of the Packers! Nice blog by the way!
Actually, if Green Bay is a suburb of Appleton, then Appleton must be a suburb of Neenah :) Regardless, it's going to be nice hearing "defending world champions" for the next year.
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