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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Extending the Appleton Mystery Photo Contest, with Clues

The latest Appleton Mystery Photo Contest has proven too difficult, so I'm extending it and adding a few clues, plus upping the ante. The prize for the most correct answers will include the previously announced coupon for free pizza at Glass Nickel Pizza plus two silver half dollars from Appleton's best coin shop, Affordable Rare Coins on Northland Avenue. These coins come from the good ol' days in the United States when money had intrinsic value and wasn't just an expression of creative work with a printing press. Total value of the prize is about $40 now, so give it a try. The contest is now extended to 5 pm, Dec. 10, 2010. Get the most right answers and you win the prize. First person to identify 5 photos gets a pizza coupon also.

Nov. 30 Update: We have a winner!
Early on Nov. 29, Kevin Vonck of Green Bay correctly identified all of the mystery photos from this round. His answers:

>> 1: rear entrance of Vagabond Imports in downtown Appleton
>> 2: inside of Lawrence Memorial Chapel
>> 3: Appleton Boat Repair on North Popp Lane in Grand Chute
>> 4: west exterior wall of old gym @ Appleton East HS
>> 5: statue at intersection of Main Street and Racine Street in Menasha
>> 6: "Isle of Valor" arch over pathway @ Smith Park in Menasha
>> 7: Union Jack on South Olde Oneida Street in Appleton
>> 8: the old synagogue on North Meade Street (now Hmong Alliance Church?) in Appleton

Good enough for victory. Thanks, Kevin!

Honorable mention and a pizza coupon also goes to Ben Miller of Appleton, who correctly identified the photos a little later the same day. Kudos to both of you!

1. Rear of a downtown shop.

2. From the inside of a building that houses many cultural events.

3. Not far from Fleet Farm.

4. That car might belong to a coach.

5. Menasha. On a major road.

6. Menasha honors some who gave their all.

7. Don't get the knack of this? Maybe you'll get the jack.

8. A church in Appleton.