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Monday, July 20, 2009


The Beautiful Fox River: Martyn Smith's Documentaries

Martyn Smith, a professor at Lawrence University, has written and narrated two valuable video documentaries about the Fox River. Part One deals with the Fox River in the Neenah area, and Part Two moves into Appleton. Both look at the history and geography of the river. Nicely done.

When I was young the fox river flats were a great place for fun.
Our parents worked in the mill so we knew all the best fishing spots and the old mill buildings were great places to explore.Now the old mill is an apartment complex and the fishing spots are fenced off or dry. I really don't mind much because the fish were loaded with pcb's and the whole area is so polluted and dangeous that you can't swim but it was fun to catch those 30 lb catfish and it was fun playin hide an seek in the old fox river mills. Just like everyone else I would have never let my kids have fun in the flats like I had. Hope the walking trails are great!
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