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Monday, July 27, 2009


Art in the Park: Big Success, in Spite of Rain (and Kudos to Artist Gisela Moyer)

Art in the Park on Sunday, July 27 was another big success, bringing in thousands of art lovers and many dozens of great artists, filling Appleton's beautiful City Park with booths and excitement.

I would like to feature one outstanding artist that I met during my brief visit. Gisela Magdelena Moyer's beautiful paper-based creations caught my eye, and when I talked with her, her story touched my heart. This woman was born in Silesia on the borders of Poland of Germany, and fled with her family due to the terrors of World War II. She has overcome many barriers and much heartache, including the loss of her husband. Art helped her to cope with the pain and darkness her life has faced. When her husband died, she thought that the color would leave her art, but it came back even brighter.

One of her motifs is the image of a butterfly above a hand. It is a symbol of freedom and release. Much of her art is filled with symbolism that can create powerful stories for the viewer. Her combination of texture and color is striking and beautiful. For more information, see her website, GMM Paper Treasures: Moyer Art Studio. Below is a photo of her, taken and used with her kind permission.

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