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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Got Taxes? My Recommendation for Professional Help in Preparing Tax Returns

I'm genuinely delighted with the professional and helpful tax preparation service we received this year from Brandon Butler at Watermark Financial, Inc. Watermark's tax service has earned our trust and appreciation year after year. I continue to be surprised at how reasonably priced the service is. We've had some complicated issues in the past couple of years, and Brandon sorts through everything, resolves all the nuances that would take us forever to do, and gets things done with precision. Great service!

Let me know of your positive experiences and recommendations for other services, too.

Watermark Financial is in Appleton at 2555 E. Calumet Street (access is via Matthias Street on the south side of Calumet, near the Unitarian Universalist Church. Phone: 920-734-2555. Watermark can also help you in setting up a business or with other financial services that require, say, a CPA.

The IRS is expected to become increasingly tough on taxpayers. Make sure you get solid professional help.