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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Broadway's Wicked Lights Up Appleton

Throughout February, Appleton's beautiful Performing Arts Center is hosting the amazing Broadway show Wicked. Locals who have been to it already have been stunned at the quality and majesty of this production. I've got tickets for Feb. 27 - can't wait!

People from out of state are surprised that a small town like Appleton, with just around 80,000 people, would have such a cultural magnet as the Performing Arts Center with 2,000 seats. The director of one Broadway company (Lion King), Frank Lott, told us during a backstage tour that it is the finest theatre he has seen, that everything had been thought of and taken into account, with not a bad seat in the house. Once inside, I think you'll agree that it's also one of the most beautiful theaters in the nation. We're excited that it can attract so many outstanding shows and performers.