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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Great Dentistry in Appleton

I've heard positive comments from a variety of people about the dentists in Appleton - generally a competent, honest bunch. I have a perception that dentists here are, on the average, definitely better than you'll find in many other cities. Bias? Perhaps. On the other hand, the culture in Appleton is grounded in a high work ethic, professional excellence, and integrity, and perhaps the climate motivates those looking for a quick buck to stay in warmer climates.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your comments on favorite dentists as I explore this topic. I'll mention that my dentist is one of the finest professionals I've ever met, Dr. Gregory Ludden. In addition to outstanding skills that he constantly keeps up to date, he his human warmth makes him really stand out. I used to hate going to the dentist, but not with him. He somehow makes me feel like a human being, one that is valued and welcomed. Amazing - I leave feeling cheered, uplifted and refreshed. Last time I was there I was trying to figure out just how he does it - there's really some secret sauce in his personality and style that I would love to bottle. Part of it is that hearty, warm, down-to-earth Wisconsin aura that outsiders can't imitate, but it's more than that. In any case, he's a terrific practitioner! He's at 1707 S Oneida Street, Appleton, WI 54915. Phone: (920) 734-2392. I don't know if they are taking new patients.

A reader of this blog also gave me the details of his very positive experiences with Dr. Edward Polzin of Polzin Family Dental. It was an impressive testimonial of the willingness of Dr. Polzin to respond to emergency situations on short notice and with much compassion and helpfulness. He told me he "couldn't sing the praises of Dr. Ed enough" and urged me to share his thoughts with others. So done!

I welcome other thoughts on great dentists in the area. Not looking for complaints, please, unless they are sent to me by email (jeff at jefflindsay d0t com).
Really been happy with Forest View Dental on Valley Road. New-build office, pleasant hygienists and personable dentists.
We've been very happy with Romanesko Family Dentistry up on Enterprise (Jeff in particular). They are great with adults and our 3 year old son, and came highly recommended by other families.
I would love to have a happy relationship with a dentist but unfortunately I have BadgerCare which means that my family and I have not been to a dentist in over 5 years. If you know of any dentists that take United Health (other than Dental Associates who termed us for forgetting to schedule a 6-month appointment), please let me know... cierdwyna "at" yahoo "dot" com

Back on topic, remember being a patient of Dr. Krueger in Appleton about 20 years ago and was very happy with his service.
Dr. Jeff Bell is an Appleton East grad and a great dentist. Very friendly staff - I have really enjoyed going to the dentist there!
Are there any dentists in the fox valley area that accept badgercare?
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