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Friday, February 06, 2009


Mi Pueblo - New Mexican Restaurant in Darboy - Not Bad

Mi Pueblo is a new Mexican restaurant almost next to Wal-Mart in Darboy (east end of Calumet Street, just east of Hwy 441). It's in the strip mall close to Radio Shack, replacing the former Los Compadres restaurant. Took my family there recently for lunch. Food was good, portions were large, service was good - but nothing really exciting. Like many places in town, they bring you a salsa and a bean dip with the nachos - both the salsa and the bean dip seemed a tad dilute (watery) and not very flavorful. The bean dip was a little more like pork and bean soup than the bean dips I prefer elsewhere. Minor point - but the food in general ranged from OK to good, but not "wow!" But that's OK for the low prices they offer - one of the least expensive places to eat, I'd say. So save your cash for investing in something of lasting value, and have a nice meal at Mi Pueblos.

And hey, this was just lunch. I bet the dinners are more exciting. Let me know!
i disagree completely! best mexican food around!
I went to Mi Pueblo for dinner with my family and we had a great time the servers were so friendly and the food was really teasty, can`t complain about the prices they are low
thanks for post your coment with my Pueblo. I am Reynaldo i would like to see many comments , and the best comment have a gif
try carnitas dinner test great
best mexican food around!
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