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Friday, January 23, 2009


Closings: Club West, River Valley Food Company, Bella's

Three wonderful places in the Valley have closed. Club West, the tennis facility and gym on Shady Lane in Menasha, is currently closed and has been for a while. Some of its many fans are hoping that it will re-open under new ownership. Terrific place, but maybe not the best location.

On the north side of town, the River Valley Food Company, with its terrific menu and unusual flooring, is no longer. So much work and love went into that place! They will be missed. Part of the problem: no advertising. Word of mouth only works if you get mouths in the door in the first place.

Bela Bakery and Cafe near Kohl's on the southeast side of town (Darboy area) is also closed. Tough location and no advertising that I could see.

Where should people advertise? Radio, Fox Cities magazine, and several other places. I'm even going to start suggesting that restaurants look to the Appleton pages soon to be launched at (taking traffic from my Appleton page now at - currently about 8,000 hits a month just on the main Appleton page, plus more on the related pages). If nothing else, make sure you get reviewed there!
I don't know about Club West or River Valley (except that they had delicious food), but wasn't Bela's a "Golden Fork" winner three years in a row? Someone must have known about the place. Perhaps there are other reasons they have closed?
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