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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Advertisers, Take Note: United Express' SkyWest Magazine to Feature Appleton and Appleton Festivals

A contact of mine at SkyWest Magazine, the in-flight magazine for United Express airlines, has let me know that they are going to prepare a significant article featuring Appleton, with a section on our famous festivals. For those of you who would like to place an ad in that edition, contact me and I can provide you details and contact information. Ads must be placed by March 1. Contact me at jeff at, or look at the SkyWest info at

Thanks for the information about this on your website - I just bumped into it the day before the deadline. We'd been contemplating a national ad on a airline carrier, so the timing was perfect! You should see an ad from The Frame Workshop in this issue.

John Ranes II
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