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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Friendly Neenah

Folks in Neenah, Wisconsin are so friendly, they even take steps to keep statues comfortable in winter. Dressing up the "Rain Dance" sculpture at Riverside Park is a winter tradition.

Oh that's fun! Just visiting your site for the first time. Here in Washington, DC. Born & raised in Appleton. Haven't been back in years, DC has been home for 9 years now.

Question: Heading west on College Avenue, over the College Avenue bridge, down in the river on the right side, there used to be a paper factory. Do you know if it's still there and if it's operating? My grandfather worked there a long long time ago.

Anyway, thanks for letting me touch back to my Appleton roots.

And I have to say..Frank's Pizza...great! I crave it, nothing like it here.
Thanks! I think that little paper mill has been closed for a long time now. I'm down there occasionally for photography and don't see many signs of life there.

Thanks for dropping by!
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