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Saturday, June 17, 2006


"Like Octoberfest But Without the Beer" - The Appleton Farmers' Market

This morning was the opening season of this summer's farmers' market in Appleton. The farmers' market occurs every Saturday morning from now until the end of August, 7:30 Am to 12:30 PM, on College Avenue in the heart of Appleton, near Houdini Plaza. I took my oldest son and my daughter-in-law there this morning. It was her first time there, and she said it was "like Octoberfest without the beer." That's a good way of describing the booths and the fun and walking along the busy pedestrian-only section of the Avenue on a beautiful day.

We bought a quart of fresh strawberries, a potted lily and some yellow annual flowers, some basil and cilantro, some exotic and delicious tomatoes, some maple syrup, a pound of fresh snap peas, a couple pieces of baklava, three samoosas and two empanadas (Mr. Churro's!), and I took some photos I'll post soon.

We have an awesome farmers' market in Appleton. Be sure to try it!
Sounds like a good time. I love Mr. Churros. Jeff, have a great Father's Day.
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