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Monday, July 03, 2006


Fourth of July Fireworks in the Appleton Area

This post was for the year 2006. For the 2010 fireworks, see my later post: 2010 Fireworks in Appleton and the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.

Fireworks! Yes, the Appleton area is loaded with fireworks festivities and pyrotechnical delight during this time of year. Appleton has a fireworks show Monday, July 3, at Memorial Park (1819 Witzke Blvd.). A celebration sponsored by the Jaycees begins at 5 PM, with games, live music, and food. The bands playing are Auburn at 5:30 PM and the Yo=Yo'z at 7:30 PM. Fireworks erupt at 9:30 PM. For more info, see

Kimberly has a good fireworks show on Wednesday, July 5, in beautiful Sunset Park (426 W. Kimberly Ave.). The fireworks begin at dusk, sometime after 9 PM. From 7 PM to 9 PM there will be a musical variety show at the Kimberly Amphitheater with Lee Alex and Lloyd Gosz.

Menasha has one of my favorite fireworks displays, right on the Fourth of July (Tuesday). The show is in Jefferson Park, right next to the water. If you go out on a dock at Jefferson Park, you can have an especially good view and fun photos of fireworks reflected in the water, though you'll get more ashes falling on you. Community activities begin there at 3 PM, including at Webfooters Water Ski Show (6:30 PM). Fireworks are at 9:30 PM.

Neenah's fireworks show is also Tuesday, just a couple miles down the lake from Menasha's show. The show is at Riverside Park (500 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Neenah), where events begin at 8 AM and the fireworks show is at 9:30, right after their famous Venetian Boat Parade at 8:45 PM with numerous boats lit up in beautiful lights moving past the park. Great event!

Green Bay has a fireworks show at Leicht Part on July 4 also. Oshkosh has fireworks on Monday, July 3, at Menominee Park (there may be admission). Winneconne has fireworks over the Wolf River on Tuesday at Waterfront Park ($5 admission if you come after 6 PM). And New London has a Tuesday show at Riverside Park at 9:30 PM.

If you're in Appleton, I suggest catching the Appleton show on Monday and then either the Menasha or Neenah show on Tuesday. Menasha offers better visibility (Neenah's park has a lot of trees that can be in the way for many people), but Neenah has the fun boat show, including boats with pyrotechnic displays.
the year is 2010! where is the current year schedule??
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