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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Old Bavarian Restaurant: Photo from this Evening

I took this photo tonight in downtown Appleton. The Old Bavarian Restaurant has been recommended to me twice in the past week and really is a great place for German food.
Jeff...I heard a teaser for the Wed noghtly news (NBC26, I think) that said they were covering a story of cockroaches found in an appleton restaurant. I didn't see the broadcast and now can't find anything about it. Do you know anything??
Must have been a Green Bay restaurant.
The olde Bavarian , well l dont think l can speak highly enough about the food that two Aussies were fed every night for the Oshkosh week 2008, our waitress knew what we wanted, now back here in Australia, l await the next time we visit and again dine in this german style restaurant.

David Victoria Australia

PS I didn't see one cockroach !!!!
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