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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Pancheros Shines After All

Last year I gave a negative review to Pancheros, a low-cost Mexican restaurant with two locations in Appleton. But after a second try, I think they have made some improvements that have won me back again. Pancheros serve burritos, fajitas, quesadillas and tacos that are offered in several varieties featuring chicken, steak, pork, or grilled vegetables. They make their flour tortillas fresh after you order, with pre-made balls of dough that are rapidly pressed flat in a tortilla maker and then cooked on a grill. The problem last year was that the tortillas were pressed too hard and too long, resulting in an extremely thin and rubbery tortilla inferior to less fresh store-bought versions. But now it appears that they have an improved technique: when the press that flattens the dough is operated, it is given a couple of quick pulses to more gently press the dough rather than hammering the dough with one long high-pressure episode. As a result, I think we've got much better tortillas now with more body and a great texture.

I had a quesadilla with grilled vegetables, and it was excellent. Others in my party had burritos or fajitas, and they were all impressed with the food. The items cost around $4 to $6 each.
I'm glad you finally came around. Our family really enjoyes Pancheros. When I read your first negative review, it made me really insecure about my food critiquing abilities! Now I feel validated! :-)
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