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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Best Haunted House of the Fox Cities: Burial Chamber

I had lunch recently with Matt Mars, the industrious proprietor of what is said to be the best haunted house in the Fox Cities area, the The Burial Chamber on the north end of Lake Street in Neenah. (Though I'm not personally into haunted houses, a trusted fan of haunted houses assures me that this is the place to go.) As I learned about his business, I was impressed with Matt's attention to detail, safety, regulations, and customer satisfaction. He's a real professional who puts a lot of thought and care into his work and trains his employees carefully.

One of the challenges with the industry is that a lot of rogue haunted houses spring up that violate safety regulations. For example, in some other haunted houses, you may be in a maze with cardboard walls and no sprinkler system. If a fire were to start, it could become an inferno in moments with no easy escape. I suggest you avoid the unregulated houses - unsafe conditions are just too scary for Halloween or any other time.
I would encourage you to give a call to the guys at Terror on the Fox in Green Bay, WI. TOTF has been rated a Top Ten Halloween Attraction by HauntWorld Magazine.

Being one of the first houses in the nation to incorporate a train ride into the experience, Bad Boys Senic Design has partnered well with the National Railroad Museum and the Green Bay Preble Optimists.

More info can be found at:
Terror on the Fox was also listed as one of the Top Spooky Spaces in America by Nickelodeon Magazine and was the Cover Story and featured Attraction in Haunted Attraction Magazine last October. I have visited this event 3 years in a row and it's top notch!

They have more info on their website.
I've been to both Burial Chamber and Terror on the fox. Although both are good, Burial Chamber blows Terror on the fox out of the water in scares and size!

Terror on the fox has some cool sets but just doesn't live up to all the hype.
I have been to both and I follow the websites and MySpace pages, looks as though B.C. is copying Terror with the woods walk and mine shafts.....oh well to each their own.

They are both good Haunts.
If you want to see pretty sets, go to Terror or Burial. If you guys wanna get the heck scared out of you, check out A THEATER OF LOST SOULS Haunted House which takes place in Oshkosh at the Sunnyview expo center. I know some people that work there and it blows me away that there haunt can be so amazing with only 30 days to set up. Plus I have been told they will be expnading there haunt to 4 attractions in 2008!
I agree that most of the haunts in the area are good haunts but Terror on the Fox has always blown away their competition. Every time I drive by their event on my way to or from work they always seem to be working on something. They definitely have the most detailed sets I have ever seen.

They have also launched their new website...OMG wow this has to be the coolest site to date. I highly recommended them to anybody who like haunted houses
I suggest that if Safety is a top priority, to go to an appleton haunted house. Unlike most cities in the fox vally, Appleton has mandatory safety inspections conducted before a house can be made available to the public. Many cities in the fox valley dont have to be checked for safety by the city.
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